Ukrainian Collection shop by Iurii & Kateryna Tereshchenko, Kiev Boryspil, Terminal D – Ukraine

May 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

The design of the “Ukrainian Collection” shop features the accomplishment of a challenging task – an absolutely Ukrainian interior was created, at the same time avoiding an excessive use of traditional decorating techniques. The resulting interior is restrained, stylish and modern. Still its Ukrainian theme becomes evident at first glance at the shop.

The interior is based on the balance between unmistakably recognizable traditional elements (embroidery, wood shingle) and modern solutions in the context of global trends. The glossy boutique rigour of the facade is softened by the natural colour range of the finishing of the interior space of the shop. Warm natural shade materials are used in the interior. The furniture equipment is made of veneered MDF with ash and maple finishes. The wall-mounted racks feature flax and rough-sawn timber finishes. “FORBO” Allura vinyl floor coating imitates carelessly painted boards.

The vertical dominant of the interior is the “tree of life” which is used for exposing national style clothes. The idea of ​​such an arrangement is to show the interrelation of generations and the importance of family traditions in Ukrainian culture. The central complex shape gondolas are illuminated with off-beat lamps. An allusion to the wooden architecture of Western Ukraine is implemented almost imperceptibly in the modern interpretation.

The pattern adorning the black and white minimalist facade repeats in the interior. The reception area and the upper frieze are real handmade embroidery. According to the scheme of the pattern, black and red threads pass through thousands of holes. The ornament was specially developed by designers based on the embroidery patterns typical of Kyiv region and has become an excellent tool for creating unique individuality and accurate identification of the shop “Ukrainian Collection”.

Design: Iurii Tereshchenko / Kateryna Tereshchenko-Storozhuk
Сustomer: Heinemann Duty Free
Finishing work: Megabud
Furniture and equipment: ETS

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