Y Coat Stand by Baptiste Ducommun

May 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

For the first time, Klybeck presented its premiere collection at imm international furniture fair in Cologne at the beginning of this year. Its first product, a coat stand, has already received the price Interior Innovation Award – Selection 2015.

Useful Sculpture or Artistic Coat Stand?
This interior tree is called « Y ». Its twelve branches are placed at various heights and depths to create a smooth and functional geometry. Used as a coat stand or simply as a sculpture, this tree brings nature and lightness to every room. It’s the first creation of Klybeck’s collection, which proposes sophisticated furniture with innovative shapes. They are designed by Baptiste Ducommun and made in his own workshop in Basel.

Klybeck looks forward to presenting additional items in the collection very soon.

Design: Baptiste Ducommun

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