ONLY Store by Retail Fabrikken, Herning – Denmark

May 27th, 2015 by retail design blog

ONLY is a fast moving fashion retailer with a strong denim brand. ONLY Herning has been  Designed by Retail Fabrikken. The idea was to show and translate the magical possibilities within everyday life and reflect an industrial feeling with a feminine expression. A combination of white tiles, concrete floors, white metal interior mixed with oak and impressive light posters, represent a core identity with a twist on feminine strength, self-confidence and style.

The inspiration for the interior of the shop is industrial but mixed with a subtle feminine feel. In the store your attention is drawn to the jeans wall, which is the core of the Only brand. The wall cladding is a work of art incorporating a shipping container. This gives the area a raw industrial feel and yet because of it’s artistic warmth, it is still welcoming to any ONLY girl. The ONLY store shows a unique, real and modern identity with attractive styles and international class.

Design: Retail Fabrikken

About Retail Fabrikken
Retail Fabrikken A/S is a retail interior design company. We have a strong experience within the retail interior business and we are constantly thinking of retail. Retail is our World and retail is what means the most to us – and we want our clients to feel the same strong retail attitude when doing business with us. The shops, the atmosphere and looks and the retail business are keywords in our daily life. With the right attitude towards retail solutions we will succeed in making market leading profitable shops.

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