OCE Flagship Store by Leaping Creative, Guangzhou – China

June 1st, 2015 by retail design blog

Set over three floors with a total of 3,000 sqm., the OCE flagship store is located at the most prosperous shopping area of Guangzhou, China. Leaping Creative leads the brand development starting from scratch, including naming, visual identity, interior design, and visual merchandising including window display designs. Leaping Creative believes that a store isn’t just a place to house the goods, but also a place to impact people and present a kind of lifestyle. Besides the key sales area like menswear, womenswear, children’s wear and home accessories, the store also features a café with reading area and a gallery space for exhibitions to convey the core brand experience – Nordic inspired aesthetic and lifestyle, and provide high quality goods with affordable prices.

The OCE 2015 summer window display series is inspired by the short-and-precious Scandinavian summer. The windows are about melting the beautiful moments in everyday life in to the OCE world. With the soft and vivid colors, the windows bring the passers-by into a refreshing and tranquil scene of Nordic summer home.

Design: Leaping Creative
Photography: Wang Gen

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3 thoughts on “OCE Flagship Store by Leaping Creative, Guangzhou – China

  1. Jordan says:

    These are some amazing ideas for visual merchandising here. Great displays! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Michael Sue says:

    Interesting store. Great location. Product selection ( especially:- Menswear / home / bookshop ) ….very poor !

    I get the concept totally ……but you guys can use some help with product + VI ….! contact me “if you agree” …

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