Sportmaster Flagship Store by Riis Retail, Copenhagen – Denmark

June 1st, 2015 by retail design blog

Sportmaster has opened a new Flagship store on the popular shopping street Vimmelskaftet, Copenhagen. The shop is 700 m2 of sheer joy and love of sports!

The store is designed by Riis Retail and executed in joint efforts with Sportmaster. The three brands – Nike, Adidas and Asics – has helped make their mark in designated areas throughout the shop, which all in all takes the shopping experience a new level.

The project sets new standards for combining interior design, functionality and visual merchandising in the world of sport shops.

When you enter – the shop reveals a large, wooden structure in the centre of the shop that contains the shoe area. This structure creates a simple typology of the shop, so the customers can find their bearings easily. It creates a dedicated space for each product group. The areas surrounding the structures provides the customer with additional experiences for trying on and buying Sportmaster products.

The choice of materials is wood, powder coated steel with an “industrial look”, concrete and a delicately matched grey color. By using a few but exquisite materials and a monochrome color scheme it manages to create a calm and strict design where raw meets refined – and last but not least the different areas are strongly defined.

This shop is the choice of the conscious costumer, who appreciates quality in the products, as well as the surroundings.

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