Rose Biketown Store by Blocher Blocher Partners at MONA Mall, Munich – Germany

June 4th, 2015 by retail design blog

This space combines the strengths of a mail-order retailer with the advantages of a storefront. With translucent furniture forms, sloped contours, and angled walls, a mountain motif is repeated throughout the space. A 26-ft.-long-by-9-ft.-high LED wall draws customers into the store. The black floor space, featuring symmetrically arranged, luminescent podiums, showcases the brand’s best-selling products. Interactive iPad stations allow customers to assemble a custom bike from the store’s wide range of products and assembly parts.

A.R.E. Design Awards 2015, Hardline Specialty Store up to 3,000 sf – Silver Award

Design: Blocher Blocher Partners
Photography: Joachim Grothus

via A.R.E. Design Awards

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