Best of Nature Branding Design by Moodley

June 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

Best of Nature, or BON for short, only uses the most natural ingredients in traditional recipes for its finest oils, herbal mixtures and essences. The high-class distillates and mixed spices now appear in a new packaging that gives every product its space without failing to provide consistency. What stands out most: the classic, but elegant packaging design that focuses on the products themselves. During the last few years, new markets have opened up due to the development of the web and the possibilities that go with it. This meant that a strategy needed to be developed in line with the web’s continuous adaptions.

As well as the strategy, we had to develop a new graphic concept: the logo and the packaging range were redesigned to create a more unified brand, distinctive in the market. Our branding and packaging combines all the above aspects as well as attracting attention with its simplicity.In the course of the project, all of the brand’s tangible elements were refined for the new design: labels, bottle hangers, wrapping and letter paper, business cards, etc. We also developed a multilingual online store to further the selling of products.

Design: Moodley

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