Organic Furniture by Ask Emil Skovgaard

June 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

Take a look at the unique furniture created by Danish designer/craftsman Ask Emil Skovgaard. Discover an exquisite blend of function and an organically inspired aesthetic, created personally by Skovgaard. Witness an extraordinary level of uncompromising dedication and attention to detail rarely seen in today’s furniture scene. Skovgaard’s Copenhagen workshop is the setting for this creative process where he forms the finest, carefully hand selected hardwoods into the finished product. The design process is time-consuming, the hand fabrication meticulous, and the final finishing painstaking. The end result – a practical work of art that is not only remarkably beautiful, but also attractive from an investment perspective.

A refined blend of art nouveau and contemporary furniture design are very evident in this truly remarkable piece. It’s soft curves and light airy presence are the fluid language of lyrical poetry. Skovgaard says, ”As the centerpiece of your living room, ’Cloud’ and its complimentary chairs ’Kora’ will seem to float above your floor. They will create a uniquely beautiful setting, an exclusive, elegant state-ment that is guaranteed to elicit admiration from your guests”. ’Cloud’s frame is crafted from hand-picked, sustainable American Walnut, with details in African Padauk. An extra-ordinary cloud-shaped tempered glass top completes this masterpiece, providing an uninterrupted view of the entire organic structure of the table from every angle. ’Cloud’ and ’Kora’ together will make for a unique and tr-uly memorable dining experience for you and your guests

The ”Starfish” table, was originally made for a customer who needed a table for his entry hall, as a podium for a flower decoration. But it also makes for an excellent dining table for six. The curved legs and organic stret-cher are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style, but with its simplified expression and clean lines, the table may be part of a modern decor. A very special tabletop was designed for this furniture. The specially selected pieces of wood that the table-top is made of, are joined in curved lines that follow the wood’s unique grain pattern. This gives it a very organic feel, almost as if the top was made   from a single piece of wood. It is a very time consuming method that requires a special routing technique and careful selection of the wood, but the end result is unmistakably different. Each table is entirely unique.

KORA Dining Chair was created specifically to compliment the ’Cloud’ table. The objective was to design a simple, functional, but stylish chair that would emulate ’Cloud’s organic form. The result is ’Kora’, an Esperanto word me-aning heart. It is undoubtedly a masterpiece, crafted from the finest American Walnut and upholstered with natural leather of the highest quality. These rich materials and soft, exquisite lines, bestow a warm natural expression; its sensual form and smooth satin-like finish are irresistable to the touch. Measurements: Seat height: 45 cm, overall height 80 cm Materials: American Walnut, Padauk, leather/fabric seat Finish: Oil.

Handmade dowels, fixed with delicate wedges for added strength, produce a subtle, attractive detail. For example, take where the top rail joins the stile. The rail is first formed from a single hand-selected slab of solid Walnut and joined to the stile. The two pieces are then sculpted together to become one. Skovgaard has accomplished this in such an elegant way that your eye flows effortlessly from one structural element to the other, masking the actual intricacy of the joinery.

Design: Ask Emil Skovgaard
Photography: Casper Kjær, Lea Nielsen, Ask Emil Skovgaard

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