Sinsay Store by LPP S.A. Sinsay in-house design team, Warsaw – Poland

June 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

Sinsay is the youngest brand among five well-known brands in a portfolio of LPP S.A., a company with a global reach which has been successfully operating on the clothing European market for over 20 years. The collections are dedicated to young women who look for every-day inspirations and original party outfits. Diversity, original designs based on current trends, brave patterns and prints are characteristic of Sinsay clothing.

Even though the original concept of Sinsay shops interiors was developed only 3 years ago, it has aged faster than expected. Therefore in-house design team was faced with a challenge to give a fresh, edgy look to the interiors of new shops keeping it in tune with the atmosphere of the original concept. The refreshed concept was implemented in two shops recently opened in major shopping centres in capital of Poland: Złote Tarasy and Arkadia in Warsaw, which are the most popular shopping destinations in the city.

The desired effect was achieved by usage of innovative materials and decorative lighting. The general idea was to make the interiors more monochromatic due to the fact that garments of the brand tend to be extremely colourful. Moreover as our brand person is depicted by two girls, “good” and “bad”, the same distinctive division was implemented in the shop design by introduction of white and black sides of the sales area. These two sides clash and diffuse in the fitting rooms, decorated with black and white triangles wallpaper. Motive of decorative black and white triangles was also used on the walls of sales area.

A diminished amount of colours was introduced by dichroic foil used in logotype behind the cash desk as well as perpendicular walls which are background for pairs of mannequins. The only strong colour accent are pink circular stretched ceilings above mannequins island in the entrance area and in the middle of sales area.

Design: LPP S.A. Sinsay in-house design team / Agnieszka Główka / Łukasz Jabłoński / Łukasz Jakubowski / Agnieszka Kowalczyk / Natalia Krajewska
Photography: Marcin Hryniewicz

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