Tserki Pastry Shop by Stirixis, Paros Island – Greece

June 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

Client & Brief
It all started when a young couple contacted us interested in launching a pastry shop on the island. What they had in mind was a store that combines both modern and traditional characteristics. An ideal destination for a relaxing break enjoying tasty snacks. The shop would offer a wide variety of both sweet and savory flavors for any time of the day and every occasion. As the store is quite centrally located, it is a perfect spot for all Paros residents and tourists. Find more about Tserki here.

– Balance modern and traditional elements
– Achieve optimal customer flow, functionality
– Design aiming at fast customer service
– Deliver within a very limited time frame

The main goals of the concept, based on the strategic guidelines, were to:
– create a distinctive pastry shop
– address the needs of a modern retail space, for on the go consumption and for buying treats for family & friends
– create a design that fits in, considering the typical Cycladic style of the property and surroundings

For balancing modern and traditional elements, we designed a shop that has modern industrial look and feel, using stylish fridges and windows, furniture with thin lines, grey and black colors. We added to this some traditional details in shapes and finishings, such as the floor tiles, lights, wooden shelves and partitions. The name of the store, “Tserki”, is the word for metal cake ring used in pastry, aiming at enhancing the products’ freshness as production of all offerings is done on site at the back kitchen area of the store. This traditional name written in latin characters is another touch that blends contemporary style with tradition. Last but not least, high importance is given in optimizing customer’s flow and functionality. We placed two doors in the two sides of the store in order for the visitors to enter, move around and exit the store with more convenience. This way we avoid traffic issues during rush hours.

Project Team
Design: Stirixis / Project Manager: Elena Athanassoulas / Design Manager: Eleni Sotiriou / Designer: Katerina Plota / MEP Design: Yiannis Stavroulakis
Photography: Stavros Niflis

The project has a great outcome and the store is now a successful, well-functioning concept!

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  1. This has to be the best looking pastry shop in the world.

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