Westtour – BMW Motorrad Club by David Ho Design Studio, Beijing – China

June 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

This is an old factory that was converted into a BMW motorcycle club where people are able to gather and enjoy small meals.

Since motorcyclists are a group of people who love to see the world on a set of wheels, nature is an important feature. To bring this into the club, straw boards and reused wood is used in the display wall, a world map as well as on lockers, a changing room and bathrooms. The outline of these rooms looklike forest huts or tents where the motorcyclists enjoy camping out. To harmonize the structure with motorcycles, the original steel building pillars are synonymous with the aesthetic of an exposed motorcycle body. Accessible by a lift, the second floor is for parking. Upon seeing the wardrobe styling, you will recognize the layers of mountains. Inspired by the BMW logo blue is a prominent feature throughout the building.

Design: David Ho Design Studio
Photography: Sun Xiangyu

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