House of Naive Concept Store by G.Natkevicius and Partners, Vilnius – Lithuania

June 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

The design was created by legendary lithuanian architect studio G.Natkevicius and partners as a pro-bono project. Curvy old town walls were balanced with sharp stainless steel shelves and white minimalistic interior. Interesting reflections and shadows come out during the day and evening creating living architecture. Clean interior also provides the platform for the goods to shine through. The shop is getting much attention for the interior.

In the shop we have more than 30 kinds of Chocolate Naive chocolates, starting from all of our classical collection (bars, encyclopedias, jars) to more experimental ones, like chocolates with salt or white pistachio. Everything is made by our fabulous manufacturing facility in the countryside next to Vilnius and delivered fresh to the flagship store in the very centre of Vilnius.

We love to feel natural taste and wear natural fabric clothes and shoes as well. All our clothes made from lithuanian fabric linen with the modern touch, shape. We want our clothes to show Lithuania today, not yesterday, not like 1000 years a go, but TODAY. With the shoes is the same, we all had some brown leather sandals in the childhood, our hand made leather sandals are pink, blue, golden – they brings nice memories, but also are very comfortable, soft.

Design: G.Natkevicius and partners
Phography: Vytautas Narkevicius

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