T4 – Tea for the World by Design Clarity, London – UK

June 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

T4 have just opened in the Westfield Stratford bringing new intrigue and excitement to the world of bubble tea. This authentic Taiwanese tea brand have cafes all over Taiwan and in the US and Design Clarity have helped bring this brand to the UK for the first time.

A bright turquoise fascia illuminates the ‘T4’ brand name with graphic patterns and tea leaf imagery creating drama throughout the clean modern white interiors. This fascia brings new life to the Ground Floor of Westfield just outside the food hall. With warm welcoming wooden floors, customers feel right at home pulling up a stool and sipping on a fresh flavoured tea. The lighting is relaxed around the seating area yet more intense at the bar as the mixology for each tea flavour takes concentration and multiple ingredients. Design Clarity embraces all elements of the retail design process as well as the aesthetics and the experiential representation of the brand.

The brand elements such as the menu are striking; showcasing their unique flavour combinations. Throughout the design process, Design Clarity were conscious of T4’s existing branding but wanted to push the design format further to create a huge buzz at the Westfield. When a brand has a strong presence in other countries it’s important to carry this through and Design Clarity have made a concerted effort to implement the brand carefully whilst making it relevant to a UK market. “We think this is the best T4 café in the world” – Allen Cheng, Founder of T4 Luis, UK Franchising Director said “We have great team at Design Clarity who have handled our challenging project superbly. Design Clarity interpreted our brand and goals for the café expertly and have successfully created a very powerful visual design that is instantly liked and recognisable by customers.”

Design: Design Clarity

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