DYH Studio Office, Shenzhen – China

June 30th, 2015 by retail design blog

DYH set up its first studio in a high-rise penthouse apartment building near the city centre where all the apartments in the building are arranged symmetrically a long a north-south direction, with corridors running through the centre of this long axis on every third floor of the building. Each apartment consists of two levels stretching from one side of the building to the other, and a 5.5m high floor-to-ceiling window on one side. This layout gives the apartments excellent lighting and a great panoramic view. We chose a unit situated towards higher level of this building, with an interior usable area of 55sqm. Former tenants had previously used this space as a residential flat as well as a working office. Likewise, we renovated this interior space to meet our functional requirement.

This kind of ‘LOFT’ concept space has always been an attractive space for design studio. The lower and upper floor are two distinct yet interactive spaces able to meet our different needs. We have adopted the lower floor as a reception, samples/models display area, kitchenette, and a small lounge. Upper floor consists of an open plan office and a conference space, which can occasionally be converted to a multimedia room.

All the extra walls and floor slabs that were added by former tenants have been knocked down until the space was returned to its original structure. With regards to materials and furniture, we followed original, natural, and sustainability principle. In addition to maintaining the original steel frame structure of the staircase, the wooden stair slabs were recycled from a friend’s old office. Other wooden boards we used are unprocessed plywood and blockboard. We adopted concrete curing for floors and white paint for walls. The main colour scheme for the entire space are white, grey, and wood colour.

The partition wall in the office is made from low-cost concrete hollow bricks that have been painted in dark grey and white to reveal a pattern that resonates with the pattern on the wall cabinet opposite to it, both represent the symbol of DYH studio. Most of the furniture in this space are custom made to our original design, whereas some furniture were purchased, including a couple of Mercury Chairs from Bartoli Design; their elegant contour lines and superb craftsmanship complement this space with classic elements.

DYH studio was established from our real needs, balancing both aesthetic and practicality through simplicity and economical considerations. We stress the importance of original design in our pursuit of greater design.

Design: DYH studio
Photography: LT WORKSHOP

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