STANDIN Baseball Store by design office Dress, Fukuoka – Japan

July 1st, 2015 by retail design blog

The baseball store “STANDIN” opened their door this Jun 2015 with the concept of “Being the place that all the people(from kids to adults) like baseball more”, and also the philosophy of being the store that has new kind of style as baseball shop. We composed the space with 2 functions. One is for selling the products to customers, one for measuring the skills of customer’s batting,using the newest machine from the baseball company(asics)

About the design of this store: We have used several vivid color like red, yellow,green and blue to wall and lightings, and also baseball related graphics to floor and wall to make customers feel more fun and excited. Also we have challenged to create the display system for baseball glove. Setting about 400 balls to the wall for hanging all the gloves,It finally works very good now. Hope this store can be the next standard of the baseball store in Japan.

Design: design office Dress Inc.
Photography: YONPEI

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    Hi! Where is it exactly in Fukuoka, Japan?

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