Cruciani store by Area-17, Hong Kong

July 2nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Area-17 was invited to design a new concept for the popular Italian accessories brand Cruciani to apply in Asia Pacific. Our designers were inspired by the concept of Pop Art in a modern gallery, as Cruciani also represents a symbol of “Luxury Pop” in the nowadays market. Red has been chosen to be the main color of the shop, since it shows the true character of the brand – hot and passion.

A contemporary gallery-like retail shop is the best place to demonstrate exquisite masterpieces, such as the leather handbags, pashmina scarfs, macramé lace bracelets, all coming from Italy.
To show the creativity and the excellent quality of the brand, from the designer’s creation, an 8-meter-long “block” of marble was carved into the shape of bracelets to display as an art placed in middle of the shop.

The light and soft bracelets lying in the hard marble’s “tracks” create a splendid contrast. The giant ‘striped’ marble, displays more than 400 colorful bracelets at the same time without any disturbance, even in the red context of the shop. Soft carpet and marble create an elegant and comfortable warm feeling in the shop and, with the addition of Lucellino’s decorative lamps, bring out the creative character of the brand.

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