IZUMONO SAKABA dining & bar by area connection, Izumo City – Japan

July 2nd, 2015 by retail design blog

“IZUMONO SAKABA” opened in Izumo city ― according to Japanese myth, gods gather in this town. The first store was opened in Matsue city and it was the important 2nd one. We were very much motivated to be in charge of its design. The client requested us just like this “Please design the store façade with a big impact. We will leave other factors to you” So we visited Izumo taisha shrine for a research to investigate “Izumo identity” and then found Chigi, traditional forked roof finials in Japanese religious architecture.

We thought “This is it!” We adopted dynamic but delicate latticework for the façade visual on the basis of the inspiration we got there. The interior is based on peaceful Japanese modern style ― each rooms are completely separated and private. We visualized Yakumo, Japanese mythological clouds, and sprinkled this motif throughout the store, adding fantastic atmosphere to the space.

Designed by area connection Inc.
Photography by Daisuke Shima

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