Candylicious at The Dubai Mall by Studio EM, Dubai – UAE

July 4th, 2015 by retail design blog

Measuring a staggering 12,000 square feet and housed in the Worlds Largest Mall, The Dubai Mall, Candylcious was always going to be a mammoth challenge for the team at Studio EM. Prior to commencing the design stage we brainstormed extensively to create a scheme that would connect the dots of Candy, Children and Adults whilst creating an engaging and vibrant environment where we could showcase the unrivaled selection of confectionary on offer from Candylicious.

Our brainstorming took us to the fairground where the nostalgia of eating candy and being with our families came to the fore, this evocative trip down memory lane was the catalyst to our concept design, immediately we developed key elements and used them as the main focal point of the store, which we could build the rest of design around. At the heart of the store we retained the much loved Candy Tree and Candylicious Airplane that acts as an awesome photo opportunity for all those that come into the store as well as bringing in some quirkier and playful elements into the store to compliment our fairground theme. Candylicious is also home to the first Spun Candy store in the Middle East Region and was conceptualized by Data Nature Associates in London.

Photography by Aasiya Jagadeesh

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