Kale Stand by Paolo Cesaretti at ISH 2015, Frankfurt – Germany

July 7th, 2015 by retail design blog

Organizing a massive sanitary ware and bathroom furniture exhibition in a small space needs a certain degree of confidence with the stage and a feel for the expectations of the audience. The designer finds himself in unstable balance in directing a play with so many big characters within a limited plot. So some coup de theatre is necessary to keep the attention of the audience alive and reacting.

For instance a palette of smooth colors – that wraps solid jagged geometries and contrasts with a deep all-black background staging different families of products. These same fragmented geometries lead the visitor through a simple and fluid path. And if still in need of orientating himself in such a demanding environment, the visitor – who looks more carefully to the graphic motif of the stand wide back walls – will discover there an abstract treatment of what results to be a map of the displays. As in a acrobatic jump from the floor to the ceiling, the geometries of these impressive graphic work have a last leap onto a 3D grid composition of neonlight tubes floating all over the stand space. Like in any theatre worth of respect a higher balcony gifts the guests with a bird-eye view of the whole installation.

Design: Paolo Cesaretti / Paolo Cesaretti / Debora Palmieri / Manuela Mottareale / Rami Boushdid / Claudia Astarita
Photography: Alexandra Repp

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