jcoco Pop-up Shop by MG2, Bellevue – Washington

July 14th, 2015 by retail design blog

jcoco is an American couture chocolate line that draws inspiration from global flavors and high fashion to present distinctive products that also give back to the community. MG2’s Peter Stocker worked closely with jcoco in the line’s early stages to develop its unique brand concept and packaging. Informed by this insight, Stocker and the MG2 team brought the vibrant jcoco brand to life in their first standalone retail location.

MG2 designed the 400 SF shop to reflect the eye-catching appeal, flexibility and interactivity of a pop-up but with the high-end details of a permanent brick-and-mortar. The shop will undergo a series of three complete transformations during its seven-month run, with each design concept and merchandising drawing inspiration from a featured chocolate bar.
The first branded experience reflects the Vanuatu Coconut Pecan bar, pulling in the cyan blue of the bar’s packaging and creating contrast with copper and natural wood accents that refer to the tropical Vanuatu Islands. Later concepts are inspired by the Cayenne Veracruz Orange bar and the jcoco seasonal holiday bar, with each program offering curated gift items and décor available for purchase as the shop prepares for its next transformation.

Design: MG2
Photography: Dane Gregory Meyer

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One thought on “jcoco Pop-up Shop by MG2, Bellevue – Washington

  1. Russell H. Hazzard says:

    I admit I am biased, but what a vibrant solution!
    Great work MG2 and Peter Stocker!

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