Lighting Sculptures by The Harris Partnership & BDP Lighting for Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield – UK

July 14th, 2015 by retail design blog

Jointly designed by The Harris Partnership and BDP Lighting and manufactured by Northern Lights, these breathtaking lighting sculptures have taken the centre stage in the newly refurbished Park Lane area of Meadowhall Shopping Centre – one of only six super-regional shopping malls in the country. Taking on the task to transform the Park Lane Mall into a premier shopping area, the interior designer wanted a group of large-scale lighting features for the central spaces. There were two major requirements in the design brief: firstly, the feature needed to connect upper and lower shopping areas and secondly, it needed to deliver a genuine ‘Wow’ factor. After comparing a few options, the final design brief called for a series of mass installations of delicate abstract shape suspensions. Northern Lights was given the job to bring the idea to life.

A big challenge but also an exciting one. Working through the inspirational images from the interior designer, our designers then developed a template for the abstract shapes. A mixture of polished stainless steel, clear acrylic and frosted acrylic materials were selected to add depth. Each shape was then precision cut with a laser to achieve the abstract geometric forms. The ceiling plate sub-structure was constructed in aluminium with a mirror polished trim plate reflecting the suspension drops. Calculating the right quantity of suspensions to achieve the right density was quite a mathematical challenge!

As it was not possible to automate the decorative assembly process, tens of thousands of crystals and acrylic components had to be hand crimped to the fine steel drop wires. To achieve this a team was dedicated to this element of the project for several weeks. More than 14,000 shapes in total were suspended which were further enhanced by 21,000 clear crystal drops. Eight sculptures were installed in the main hall with another one at the mall entrance. Illuminated by precise narrow beam LED light projectors, each installation rains down from the glass roof, which from a distance makes them look like lighting blocks with intricate details and from closer up as spiralling down leaves. This brings an energising yet calming effect to the space.

Since the refurbishment, the re-designed Park Lane area has attracted many aspirational lifestyle brands including The White Company, Jigsaw and White Stuff.
Northern Lights provide a bespoke one-stop lighting service.

Design: The Harris Partnership / BDP Lighting
Photography: Northern Lights / Paul Keys

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