Jaquar exhibit design at ISH by Foley Designs, Frankfurt – Germany

July 19th, 2015 by retail design blog

ISH is the World’s leading Trade Fair that covers all aspects of future-oriented building solutions. When our team at Foley Designs was approached by Jaquar, the leading Bathing solutions brand in India, for their stall design at this fair- we approached the design from the perspective of Bathing beyond an activity; Bathing as an enriching experience.

As the tagline suggests ‘experience bathing’, we wanted to aggrandize the emotion of the brand more than just marketing their products. Usually, the trade fairs are all about business where products are showcased in a typical bathroom setup. We wanted to elevate this experience and let them absorb each of the products depicting exquisite craftsmanship and art. This led to the concept of Fold-unfold, where we dramatized their journey into a inquisitive Endeavour of ‘further they go, the more they unravel and explore’.

The complete stall was envisaged as a spiral form. The curved and tilted walls start low with broad welcoming entries. As the journey evolves, the walls converge to give way to an experience rich centre. As they proceed into these pathways, they get a glimpse of products displayed in the inner layers of the space. This phenomena is further accentuated with fluid forms of displays, gradual tonal treatment of walls in greys and subtle hints of the brand colour.

The graphic elements are synonymous with the brand language as well as the space. Subtle forms highlight distinct features of the products, generous use of gradients explain the finesse of product finishes and the transparencies talk about the characteristics of water. The clean and sleek character of typeface developed for the brand is inspired from the cuts & precision of the products.

This playful chemistry of the space, form and products create an indelible journey; a lasting experience for each one who visits this stall. This spatial concept helped Jaquar mark an exceptional presence amongst the spread of established international brands.

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