Cadenzza Concept Store by DFROST, Innsbruck – Austria

July 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Just imagine: You are buying jewelry in a shop that resembles a fashion magazine in 3D; a shop in which there are no sales staff but rather advisors, who treat their customers like allies, on the same wavelength; a shop in which the presentation does not overwhelm the pieces but rather celebrates them with sensitivity; a shop with entirely new furniture elements and sales concepts. Cadenzza is the name for this shopping experience.

Following the opening of the first concept store in Innsbruck, Austria, two further shops will open in June in Vienna and London, followed in August by Germany’s first shop, in Frankfurt. The Stuttgart agency DFROST is responsible for the Cadenzza retail and shop concept which was implemented in teamwork with the client. DFROST – specialists for effective visual marketing and retail design – impress the industry with revolutionary, sustainably functioning concepts that possess character and a distinctive signature. “Every detail of these stores is intended to convey just how sensual shopping can be. Such shopping experiences have become rare, but they are precisely what more and more consumers are looking for.

Those who enter a Cadenzza shop should be able to enter into contact with the jewelry and lifestyle world,” says Nadine Frommer, Managing Director of DFROST, explaining the ambitious nature of the concept.

The new Cadenzza stores transform the desire for a special piece of jewelry into an inspiring shopping experience. Unlike in a magazine, the coveted items do not remain unattainable, but instead are tangible and within reach. Yet they are still presented in a similarly appealing way or, to put it better, they are perfectly displayed and celebrated – in a large wall cabinet, for example. This conveys the impression of a high-gloss magazine in 3D, and opens up unique presentation possibilities.

Presented in this “editorial” style, each of the valuable pieces is given a desirable and individual place in the whole – from signature jewelry to the matching nail varnish, through to the camera. By deliberately teaming up the jewelry with unrelated highlight products, Cadenzza is composing a holistic lifestyle experience. The flexible wall shelving with magnetic panels allows for exceptionally flexible presentation. Jewelry collections from top, trend and newcomer brands can be shown in their entirety, or individual items may be integrated into artistic arrangements based around given themes, styles or seasons.

These play a central role at Cadenzza, so that the innovative shop concept works like a fashion blog. The prevailing zeitgeist and trends are collected and communicated and the customer thus comes into contact with them – at the latest when she is being advised. At the same time, Cadenzza sets its own trends, producing a high-end and creative purchasing environment with its authentic and feminine store concept, in the sensual choice of materials, and with its sophisticated lighting and colour design. Graphics, text elements and images populate the furniture surfaces – just like in a high-gloss magazine – thus conveying this fashion magazine idea, accompanied by a high degree of inspiration, luxury and sophistication.

Design: DFROST

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