Modissa Flagship Store by Matteo Thun & Partnersin, Zurich – Switzerland

July 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Milan-based practice Matteo Thun & Partners has recently completed a renovation of Swiss fashion house Modissa‘s flagship boutique in the heart of Zurich. The brief was for the interiors to illustrate a timeless elegance, a breath of fresh air, all the while showcasing the high-quality merchandize being sold. The building which houses the retail space dates back to the 60s, with a large glass façade, the grade II listed site now hosts five-storeys of female fashion.

Referencing the materials used on the exterior which establishes a connection between the outside with the inside, various stands, small furniture and tables are coated with burnished brass and made of steel pipes. The tubular structures of the furniture has been made light, with thin proportions- to give the store a younger and more contemporary appearance. Depending on what level and its functionality, different material combinations have been used to evoke a particular ambiance of the products on display. Dark grey and black accents, coupled with terrazzo and marble, adds a touch a refine luxury to the casual wear being displayed. Meanwhile, soft carpet and different fabric surfaces are used for the wedding and evening gown department.

Design: Matteo Thun & Partners
Photography: Thomas Pagani

via designboom

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