Konsolos Restaurant by GeoID, Istanbul – Turkey

July 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

Konsolos is a new trend setting luxurious restaurant and venue in Istanbul, Turkey. The restaurant’s building is located in the same area, next to Soho House Istanbul which is a private club, welcoming its privileged members, giving service to its clientele within the ex-American Consulate building.

Konsolos is the Turkish word for Consulate, is offering a fine dining experience with its distinguished atmosphere and exclusive menu. The interior concept and design is realized by the professionals’ team of GeoID promising to restaurant’s guests from the first instant to the last an exceptional experience to be companied with a set of glamorous art works.

At the entrance of Konsolos, the paintings which are exclusively ordered from France lure the attention of guests with an artful delicacy. The whole interior design ideas add an aristocratic touch merged with cool richness to the ambiance as carried out by a noticeable elegance while the guests are enjoying the impressions from an art museum or a manor . This eclectic co-existence of custom made paintings on the walls creates a noble harmony as presented with high note of the design which is mainly based on exquisite wood and marble where mirrors were placed on the walls to add more depth and balance.

Design: GeoID
Photographer: Nejat Cifci

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