Mantra Restaurant Branding and Interior by Supercake, Milan – Italy

July 25th, 2015 by retail design blog

Mantra is the first raw vegan restaurant in Italy. It is a place where it’s possible to test an alternative dining experience and a spiritual practice of well being.

We were responsible for the graphic design and interior design, with the design idea based upon the seed as part of the natural cycle of life: the plant born from the seed, and the seed born from the plant, in a continuous and infinite loop. The seed is also the essence of vegan diet — all that vegans eat comes from a seed — as well as being the essence of nourishment and wellness.

We created four distinct but strongly interrelated “environments” within the premises.

• The raw vegan market is a self-service area where you can buy Mantra products, consult books, and eat quick meals.
• In the bar and show-cooking area the chef prepares smoothies and raw vegan foods.
• The kitchen looks more like a laboratory than a traditional kitchen, with its American machines. It’s visible from inside and outside the restaurant to show the elaborate and special processes for preparing food and cold-pressed juices.
• The dining room is more secluded and reserved, with modular tables that easily allow for a change of layout if necessary.

The design is minimal, of simple and clean lines. A modular wall system is formed by interlocking pegs and shelves, ensuring flexibility of product arrangement, ingredients, and tools. The lamps — aluminium outside and colourful inside — fall from the ceiling at different heights, creating a lively interplay of light and colour. The environment is young, warm and colourful, elegant but not formal.

Graphic and interior design: Supercake
Copywriting: Ideificio
Illustration: Paola Antòn Vasquez
Photography: Valerio Gavana

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