Resignation Media / theCHIVE Offices by Chioco Design, Austin – Texas

July 25th, 2015 by retail design blog

Resignation Media has moved into a new office space located in Austin, Texas.

Housing a dozen independent digital and lifestyle brands, Resignation Media recently completed a total overhaul of a 14,000 sq ft office building in Austin, Texas complete with bars, beer chutes, community lounges and, oh yeah – functional work space. Marrying the jovial brand with a practical environment, the space is headquarters to comical entertainment site, theCHIVE, a burgeoning beer line, Resignation Brewery and a non-profit philanthropic effort, Chive Charities, among others.

The $4M renovation took 18 months to complete and now hosts 80 employees, meeting spaces, executive offices and a custom, two-story adult slide that quickly transports riders to the office’s bottom floor. In addition to brand consistent theming throughout the structure, theCHIVE’s emphasis on ‘uniting community’ was reinforced by consciously designing communal spaces that could easily morph from a professional business setting into a casual social house, as to encourage work-related mingling.

Interior and space design was a collaboration between Jamie Chioco and Vanessa Francis at Chioco Design and Leo Resig, CEO at Resignation Media. The atheistic unites modern tones with exposed, natural textures and fun colors to create an environment that preserves the company’s motto, “Keep Calm and Chive On.”

Design: Chioco Design / Jamie Chioco / Vanessa Francis // Leo Resig (CEO at Resignation Media)

via Office Snapshots

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