Jaff Jewellery Flagship Store by Design Overlay, Harbin – China

July 27th, 2015 by retail design blog

A lifestyle retail space for the JAFF JEWELLERY BRAND’S FLAGSHIP HARBIN STORE is on the ground floor of a heritage renaissance style architecture building built in 1921.

The objective is to give the Jaff brand an updated concept within the historical presence of the original building.

The inspiration & concept for the main room is an orangery, which is a traditional indoor garden room, reinterpreted with a parasol lit ceiling, polished plaster walls, mirrored classical orangery window frames, marble fixtures with warm accents of gold and natural wood. Product displays are unconventional using vertical wall displays with QR codes and interactive computer screens. Large central tables display Jaff’s product ranges in a contemporary way suited for their younger target market.

The bridal rotunda is an explosion of roses represented on rose relief wall tiles. The room is like bring inside a sweet wedding cake. Product is highlighted in wall showcases with vignettes of love stories.

Jaff being a visionary brand, has introduced a ‘Cakes & Roses’ café connected to the jewellery store for it’s clients to enjoy a romantic tea together in a contemporary environment of pink mirror, marble and modern furniture.

Design: Design Overlay

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