The Daily Creative Food Co. Restaurant Branding by Jastor Brand Imageneers

July 28th, 2015 by retail design blog

Set on the Post-Americana styles of the 1930’s New York golden era, our brand design for The Daily Creative Food Co. seeks to resemble a Deli restaurant from the period recreated in the contemporary Miami Wynwood neighborhood.

We developed a comprehensive brand strategy and integrated system that uses textures, typography from the 1930’s print standards and real newspaper as core materials for the brand menus and environmental. With a crew of over 70 employees in different departments within the restaurant we have develop a brand lifestyle system that included the delivery vehicles plus uniforms, accessories, stickers, buttons. Jastor’s branding for The Daily Creative Food Co. has helped the restaurant become a local institution with the purpose of broadening its regional recognition through future strategic expansions.

Design: Jastor – Brand Imageneers / Creative Director: Jason Torres

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