UBET Store by Hulsbosch & McCartney Design, Brisbane – Australia

August 1st, 2015 by retail design blog

The Prototype UBET store, jointly designed by Hulsbosch and McCartney Design, is the first of a rollout of stores that bring the new retail wagering brand to life in the retail arena.

TattsBet is Australia’s largest race and sports betting provider with 1,400 retail outlets nationwide. In December 2014, the company unified its betting operations under the new brand UBET (designed by Hulsbosch) as part of a transformation processto reclaim its leadership position in a highly competitive consumer sector. The brief was to bring about a revolution in retail wagering and to set an international benchmark – not only in what it looks like but in how it’s done. We had to overcome the tired, uninspiring and neglected stores of the past and move towards an immersive and digitally driven experience catering for a younger, more sports-focused customer.

Features include self-service terminals, virtual betting, Wi-Fi infrastructure and directional audio technology. Branded and BYO digital devices allow punters to bet in-play on branded tablets from the comfort of their seat, anywhere in the store. Hulsbosch applied a distinct tone of voice across the internal signage system, which brings to life the thrilling and sociable aspects, expressing the new brand personality and increasing brand awareness and product engagement. The store layout is also a key innovation – literally turning the TAB of old, inside out. The screens were moved from the outside walls to the centre of the store, transforming it in to an immersive and social environment.

To differentiate the retail offer, we designed a unique space – with grandstand and bleacher seating, central screen hub, workstations, transaction zone and ‘sound canopies’ all derivative of the UBET logo and visual language.

Design: Hulsbosch // McCartney Design
Photography: Steve Back

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