Food Court by studio 180 at Atidim Tower, Tel Aviv – Israel

August 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

Food Court inside Atidim Tower – An indoor picnic surrounded by nature without having to leave the tower.

Lunch, undoubtedly almost everyone’s favorite time of day. Unless you work in a large cumbersome tower, where you might get frustrated. How can one eat and feel refreshed on a short lunch break?
Indoor Food Court.

We tackled this food court project inside Atidim Tower with the Kitchen Planner Dror zonshine While standing in this spectacular space we unanimously agreed on two main objectives:
1. To afford the employees the ability to remain in the building but still return to work after lunch with a feeling of refreshment and clarity; a readiness to continue the day’s work without ever departing the premises.
2. To reduce wait times for food and thus increase the employee’s time for relaxation.

The first step was to introduce refreshing greenery and trees that measure up to 13 feet in height! To complete the organic atmosphere we included a few different styles of tables: picnic, round, and communal. The options of intimate or group seating allows to further build strong bonds amongst workers which will in turn translate into a harmonious working place.

Has nature whet your appetite?

Now that we have obtained our first objective by turning the dining room into a high tech “nature preserve” we move on to the main objective — food! In order to maximize the employee’s break time we thought in w-i-d-t-h. We built a long bar which at 72 feet is able to accommodate service for multiple employees simultaneously.

Bon Appetite!

Design: studio 180

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