Valentino store by David Chipperfield, Paris – France

August 11th, 2015 by retail design blog

Once the domain of independent boutiques, the Marais district has now officially been discovered by luxury brands, and that trend is likely to gain momentum in the coming years. The latest arrival on the block is Valentino, the rejuvenated Italian brand that has caught global attention these past few seasons with fresh men’s and women’s collections, making it bounce back straight to fashion relevance. Valentino occupies a spacious 104 sqm. [1,120 sq.ft.] ground floor unit on Rue des Archives, the neighbourhood’s new luxury strip, right next to peers from the upper echelons of fashion.

It’s the brand’s second store in paris exclusively dedicated to its highly coveted men’s line, and once again features an interior design by David Chipperfield, the British architect responsible for the brand’s newest stores that have opened around the planet. The aesthetic is one of understatement, captured in clear lines and natural materials. Walls lined with stone shelving stone, a terrazzo floor and marble-clad displays form a sophisticated contrasting backdrop for custom-made wooden furnishings.

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