L’Asticot Flagship Store by Bureau A, Geneva – Switzerland

August 18th, 2015 by retail design blog

For their Flagship store in Geneva, L’Asticot – a children’s clothing brand from Switzerland – appointed Bureau A to create a distinctive display to present their collection. Set in a minimalistic interior with concrete flooring and a suspended cloud-shaped florescent light, the focus is the architectural centerpiece. The oval shaped rail with a table above features a scaled-down city of constructivist-style buildings. An immersive aspect of the display is that the children can play and navigate under the table, and simultaneously have the primary function of showcasing the brand’s pieces. Aiming to spur the children’s imagination, the scenario can be changed to follow the themes of the clothing collection.

This unlikely pairing between the program and the specific architectural movement has created an interesting retail space where the designers at bureau A explains: ‘When one thinks about Russia and its epic approach to architecture, childhood is probably the last thing that comes in mind. However, its monuments with their architecture of representation and excess propose a very appropriate landscape to explore architectural fantasies, fairy tale constructions, somewhere between monstrous and marvellous. Given children’s ability to blur the line that separates physical reality from imaginary worlds, kids can easily navigate among these images and built forms.’

Design: Bureau A
Photography: Dylan Perrenoud

via designboom

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