Jazz campaign and colored ribbons installation by Arbol Color for Mall Plaza, Chile

August 21st, 2015 by retail design blog

Mall Plaza is a group of commercial centers in Chile, who wants to attract clients to their commercial spaces with complementary activities to the traditional shopping in stores. Is for this reason that is decided to create a cultural campaign to generate an addition value, building an installation using a museum style inside of the commercial center.

The installation was realized with hanging colors ribbon tied on a light structure that works like a “roof” in a relaxing space that works like a free small zone of jazz concerts. In addition, they were exhibit artworks designed by the own clients in the commercial center by a social network campaign.

The campaign gain to transform the commercial center into warm spaces, closer to the clients and with an entertaining proposal to complement the buying activity.

Design: Felipe Ferrer Ceroni

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One thought on “Jazz campaign and colored ribbons installation by Arbol Color for Mall Plaza, Chile

  1. Jordan says:

    A great looking design! Very simple, and yet all together it makes a beautiful look. Thanks for sharing!

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