Conexão Rio Office, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

August 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Last month, the producer Conexão Rio settled in Bhering factory, located in Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro, becoming the first location of the Business Office, which already has studios, galleries, tallow, among others. Even as a back office to the world of business, creativity and design dominate the site, making it an attractive showcase factory. Check out the gallery:

More Conexão Rio:
With five years of history, the Rio connection has the Carioca profile in all its creations. With clients such as Nissan, Brazil Brokers, Vinci Partners, Unilever, among others; the company is responsible for the creation, production and event management and branding activities; offering its customers and partners actions personality, originality and continuity. For this, they work from creation to fulfillment, always having a clarity of ideas born of dialogue with the client and expertise to offer the best solutions.

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