Septwolves Club Flagship Store by ProspaceAsia, Xiamen – China

August 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Septwolves is one of Chinese best-known brands. Founded in 1990 it has successfully positioned itself as a premium menswear designer and retailer with over 3000 stores throughout China. Prospace was approached to develop a new Septwolves sub-brand, called SWClub. Club was targeted as a more American polo style clothing option, providing relax, casual, weekend wear. SWClub has proved to be a successful launch and is now being rolled out throughout China.

The idea is to create a masculine space that speaks to the customers as men, that allows them to be comfortable and relax. We used the theme of the Classic American Home as a place of warmth and comfort. It allows us to introduce warm, dark colors, natural material and timless furnishings. Three sub-themes were created to meet their merchandise categories, the trophy room for outdoor casual collections, the study room for smart casual collections, and the lounge for polo collections. The use of classic American style joinery details has made the fixtures stunning features.

Design: Prospace Asia
Photography: Anita Liu

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