Davidoff Flagship Store by ARNO, Basel – Switzerland

August 29th, 2015 by retail design blog

Following on from recent flagship store openings in Brussels, St. Gallen and Lucerne, the latest flagship store for Davidoff has now opened in Basel. This exclusive store is located on the Eisengasse, where Max Oettinger opened his first cigar shop in 1875. 140 years later, at the company’s jubilee, the new flagship store has opened. An elegant and inviting salesroom has been created with a view on the Rhine where the guests can relax and enjoy the peace in the sumptuous lounge. The elegant ambience is furnished with high quality natural materials and warm earthy colours.

The brand Davidoff is recognised all around the world and signifies the height of enjoyment, tradition and craftsmanship. True to Davidoff’s slogan „Time beautifully filled“, ARNO has been working according to the motto „Space beautifully filled“. We have developed and produced all the high-end furniture items with the highest levels of quality and consistency. The finest Alpikord walnut wood was used to produce the furniture and panelling. In combination with the custom-made floor made of from the highest quality wood veneer, there are glass cabinets and copper coloured accents to emphasise the premium feel of the store. Davidoff products are renowned for their high quality and so all fixtures can be discretely secured. All elements were finished in time for the June 2015 opening, which was achieved with the strong cooperation of the on-site architects.

Design: ARNO

About ARNO Group
Shaping the brand. Together. ARNO showcases brands at the point of sale – in an aesthetic, sophisticated, appealing and efficient manner. We have been the leading expert for displays, shop in shops, stores and interactive systems across all industries for the past 75 years due to our vast experience and more than 250 dedicated employees worldwide. Our competence portfolio includes everything from value engineering to the design, the construction and production to the logistics, installation and after sales services. We coordinate complex, international projects of all sizes and for multinational corporate brands and commercial enterprises. ARNO is a global player with certified processes and one objective: create unique shopping ambiences that trigger the purchase. The ARNO Group is composed of its headquarters in Wolfschlugen near Stuttgart, as well as subsidiaries in Munich, Bristol, Paris, Istanbul, Moscow, Guangzhou and a strategic alliance in New York.

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