Mou Mou Club by Mas Studio at Amoy Plaza, Hong Kong

September 1st, 2015 by retail design blog

The design concept of Mou Mou Club was to presented the most “Freshness” beef & food to customers. We used different materials and elements to represent the whole Beef and Food delivery process from pasture to restaurant. Big stainless steel milk bottles decorated at the entrance area which have stainless steel tubes connected with each other represent the food transportation from the farm to your plate is just a short moment. The restaurant is not only providing food but also freshness.

The pipes represent to deliver the food from its place of production to the food counter that act as a market in the restaurant. The cement sand graphic feature wall at the entrance corridor to present the comprehensive production of a fresh beef meal. Besides, the rough style black metal cabinet at wall and floor to create a factory feeling.

A very unique design for the ceiling lighting, a large numbers of stainless steel pipes linkage connected with fluorescent tubes to provide lightings as same as decoration. The most challenging part for this project is to straighten out the technique of connecting the steel pipes with fluorescent tubes together at all. Furthermore, a thoughtful design on dining table is that a concealed phone charger facilitated at each table edges which became the most attentive service in the restaurant.

Design: Mas Studio Limited

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