Hurricane’s Grill Restaurant by Metaphor Interior, Jakarta – Indonesia

September 11th, 2015 by retail design blog

Hurricane’s Grill in Jakarta is a modern interpretation of industrial design. Exposed ceiling, metal and copper tone are widely used throughout the plan. Upon the entrance is the long bar where it is designed to aim the wait listers to hangout for a while and to attract the crowds for beer station. The play of vertical garden at the back is to freshen up the industrial atmosphere with other color tone. Direct sunlight can be seen in the afternoon as the roof is created to be partially transparent. As for the ceiling, steel plate and painted metal framework are used to relfect the railway frame in the industrial era. The idea of railway arches is depicted in some areas of this restaurant, mainly as an advocate of the whole interior framework. The play of bolt in every furniture is used to enhance the detail works.

Design: Metaphor Interior
Photography: Christine

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