The Fashion Door Flagship Store by Bloom Design, Guangzhou – China

September 19th, 2015 by retail design blog

This project is located at Guangzhou 8090 Hui Chao Fang; it is the first The Fashion Door Flagship Store in China with a total area of 2000 squre meters which brings together global original fashion brands and creative works of domestic budding designers. With its unique imagination, The Fashion Door combined multidimensional fashion styles effectively and made itself the agent of thousands of items for more than 60 brands, which covers men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and bags, accessories, household items, toys, personalized IT products and so on.

In order to highlight the special character and style of separate brands, this project is based on the design concept of simple, open and inclusive and combining with elements such as three-dimension , graphic, linear and so on. Moreover, there is a designer-themed display area which is updated monthly and a leisure and comfortable coffee living hall that brings unique shopping experience to customers. The designer uses the simplest building materials- cement, clay , steels and logs and so on, and use them to the extreme to build up the most special space. The broken down space integrates with the background, which make the whole space be filled with blocks and surfaces of different shapes which are interweaved by all kinds of vertical, inclined and horizontal lines.

Brand image “appears” from the complex netting structure slowly, but also disappears in the complex blocks and surfaces in an instant. The effect of hard decoration is reduced to the minimum here and it seems there are only dull black, white and grey visually. What the designer wants to reflect is the structure formed by line to line and shape to shape, and the tension emitted by this structure. This is the very way to emphasize the most wonderful part of every designed brand.

Design: Bloom Design / Li BaoLong
Photography: Fu YuMing

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