Café&Meal Muji, Singapore

October 2nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Little over a decade ago Japan’s famed ‘no-brand’ retailer Muji first set up shop in Singapore. Not surprisingly, it has taken the island nation by storm, and it’s now operating no less than nine stores that offer anything from men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, to homeware, electronics and furniture pieces. Very recently, Muji opened the doors of a revamped retail concept at Paragon Mall – at 8,500 sq.ft. [785 sqm.] its biggest outlet in the city – and introduces Café&Meal Muji, a dining facility we first got acquainted with at the retailer’s stellar Yurakucho flagship store in Tokyo. The restaurant setting is one of understatement, captured by simple furnishings and fixtures in light birch and flooring in a matching material.

The Japanese menu at Café&Meal Muji is obviously an extrapolation of sorts of the design simplicity that the retailer is know for. It’s inspired by the natural flavour of food, and dishes comprise of seasonal vegetables and quality ingredients, while simple cooking methods ensure that their flavours remain pure. The menu is similar to the one in the homeland, featuring so-called deli sets, drinks and desserts, in addition to bites suiting local palates. And similar to how things are run in Japan, a unique self-ordering and clearing system has been implemented.

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