China Lane Hot Pot Restaurant by The Swimming Pool Studio, Nanjing – China

October 7th, 2015 by retail design blog

The ‘China Lane’ is a famous historical and cultural landmark in Chengdu,showing the old flavor of Sichuan. It is also the name and theme of a hot pot restaurant, providing Sichuan cuisine, of which a new branch store is opening in Xingang Development District, Nanjing. The Swimming Pool Studio was invited to do the interior design of this new restaurant. There are two floors in the restaurant, covering an area of 840 ㎡.

The inspiration of design came from the old alleys and curtilages in chengdu while the idea of using brand new materials and techniques to create simple and unsophisticated dining atmosphere was throughout the whole design process. The sense of nostalgia and emotional precipitation in the restaurant reminds the diners of the old scene of the real China Lane. Yet the adding of post-modern style and natural elements mixed old and new perfectly. Once the diners step into the restaurant, a relaxing ancient travel starts.

It is a kind of unique experience. The high space is broken by curved long boards, forming a strong visual impact. Old wooden floor, cement, metal plates create corners of private spaces. The sunken sitting area make diners experience the close friendship while dining. What’s more, the old scene of ‘China Lane’ in Sichuan was painted as graffiti on the old wooden wall, of which the humorous strokes impact with old theme out a brand new art effect. The mix of changeable space, simple and unsophisticated materials, modern techniques make diners experience the unique Sichuan tastes in this haracteristic restaurant.

About Our Studio:
The Swimming Pool Studio is a smart and creative oriented interactive studio based in Shanghai, China. From 2009, we have more than 12 staffs and some in-house freelancers with more and more clients. We always help clients to realize their goals, by leveraging different kinds of design techniques and materials. Influenced by an effective process flow and project management method, we can deliver a user friendly work according to clients’ timeline, demand and bear cost-save in mind. In addition, we always balance user experience with good design.

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