SITABIT stool by Paulo Costa / PLY&co.

October 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

PLY&co. is a Portuguese brand of [ecological] furniture created by architect Paulo Costa. Established in Porto, Portugal, since 2011 this is a 100% national production and environmentally sustainable concept, displaying a collection that features an elegant image of organic minimalism… and a story to tell. PLY&co. only uses woods and derivatives from sustainably managed forests, with FSC certification, namely birch plywood, Valchromat and cork.

Their concept minimizes the waste of the raw materials and the finishing is entirely made by hand, with ecologic products, by traditional craftsmen. The pieces are designed to be assembled without glues, screws or nails, thereby promoting its reuse and later recycling. As well, the simple design and fitting assemblage reveals an educational and joyful experience for children and grown-ups.

Our best known SITABIT is a stool made with three pieces that fit together at a shake of a lamb’s tail: no glue, nails or screws, nor any tools for setting it up! Therein lays its educational and playful power. This flat-packed, easy-to-assemble stool is not only an eye catcher, but also playful in spirit and environmentally friendly. Pretty much like the lamb’s wool the cork is the extraction of the bark of this peculiar Mediterranean tree Sobreiro. The bark is peeled by specialized labourers every 9 years, without harming the tree, which actually becomes stronger and healthier after each crop. The Portuguese Montado has the biggest number of cork oaks in the world, whereas strong legislation monitors the keeping of this legacy. Cork has great thermal, acoustic and water repellent characteristics besides its cozy touch and looks.

Its pleasing curved lines and simple yet ingenious conception make it a didactic and versatile piece to have around and to sit a bit! Kids love to safely interact with it. The cork stool is pretty much damage-proof. It’s not just another object with a function; above all it symbolizes an attitude towards the planet and towards life. With the PLY&co. products one also takes a story to tell to others. Especially to the ones that will continue our work – the children! We want them to be an environmental entrepreneur along with PLY&co.!

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