DOCKS Furniture Collection for Gandiablasco by Romero Vallejo

October 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

Furniture as an open concept for all and everyone: space, time, position and composition. That is the essence of DOCKS available now in anthracite colour as a new addition to the 2015 collection.

Designed by Romero Vallejo for GANDIABLASCO this external furniture collection is organized around its structural system, a key element in terms of its balance and pure architectural aesthetic.
The endless modular possibilities of the collection is based on this structure, combined with different elements such as the seat, armrest, cushions and backrests to form sofas, beds and more complex relaxation areas.

…an analysis of the different forms of sitting, including more improvised and informal ways of sitting help define the overall geometry of the collection,” explain the designers.

Inspired by the industrial manufacturing processes and references to everyday objects like timber pallets the structure owes its lightness and mobility to its fabrication using aluminium profiles.

Available in three sizes, its construction and detail allows for stacking and makes it compatible with other modules, perfect for creating a wide variety of configurations within all types of spaces.

“It’s based on a modular system which is open to life and living, to different moments,” points out Mariano Vallejo.

As well as the new version with its anthracite coloured structure DOCKS also brightens outdoor spaces with its anodised colour range, white, sand and bronze combined with different colour options for its seating upholstery and cushions.

Design: Romero Vallejo

About Romero Vallejo
Sara Romero Bustamante and Mariano Vallejo López-Aguado studied architecture at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of Barcelona and Valladolid. In 2004, after some years working experience with prestigious architectural offices they founded “Romero Vallejo”, a multidisciplinary architectural and design office, where projects of both large and small scale are developed. In parallel, they have collaborated with crafts based and industrial manufacturers to create new products, adapting traditional techniques and assembly to the new construction requirements and contemporary design.

Gandiablasco was founded as a family business in 1941 specialising in the production of blankets. During the mid-80s they began manufacturing carpets. Since 2000 the company has focused exclusively on outdoor furniture products. Their ambitious business strategy was consolidated through rapid expansion to become a world leader in outdoor designer furniture. The company is now international, having opened shops and showrooms in a number of countries worldwide. Their collaborations with renowned designers all over the globe have consolidated their working base in Spain.

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  1. Kumar Vishal says:

    very stylish and elegant. Different structures are mind blowing. Looks very comfortable.

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