Corona Anniversary Edition by Poul M. Volther & Erik Jørgensen

October 11th, 2015 by retail design blog

This year is it fifty years ago the Corona chair was introduced with its well known design on the steel frame. The design was given by the designer Poul M. Volther, the craftsmanship was handled by Erik Jørgensen and the name was inspired by the Sun!* In order to celebrate the iconic Corona chair’s 50th anniversary we now offer it in an exclusive edition. The anniversary chair is upholstered in a beautiful brandy coloured vegetal leather and comes with the iconic steel frame. The anniversary series is numbered and holds the signature of the designer Poul M. Volther. The chair will only be available in a limited period of time at a very attractive anniversary price. * Corona refers to the halo that surrounds the sun at a full eclipse as it did on the very day when Erik Jørgensen and Poul M. Volther completed the chair.

Inspired by Poul M. Volther’s partnership with FDB in the fifties, a period where architect designed furniture became available for a wider audience through industrial production, we now celebrate the Corona chair by offering it at a very accessible anniversary price. Choose between six colours of Steelcut or Steelcut Trio by KVADRAT. The Corona chair is also available in a vintage edition based on the original wooden frame and since 2009 the lacquered steel frame called Spectrum.

The Corona chair as we know it, with its elegant and light steel frame and the ellipse shaped shells, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The iconic lounge chair, designed by Poul M. Volther (1923-2001) was originally introduced with a wooden frame at the annual trade fair in Fredericia, Denmark in 1964. The complex wooden frame could only be handmade and it was a huge challenge for the craftsmen during the introduction of the Corona Chair. The time consuming production process made the chair too expensive. However, the year after in 1965 at the Bellahøj trade fair in Copenhagen, Poul M. Volther and Erik Jørgensen re-introduced the chair with the elegant steel frame as we know it today.

Poul M. Volther was a trained cabinetmaker and later architect from the Royal Academy of Art and Design in Copenhagen. Through his friendship with both Hans J. Wegner and Børge Mogensen he was introduced to the FDB furniture design studio. A Studio he later became the leader of. Later on he became a professor at the Royal Academy of Art and Design where he passed on his philosophy and thoughts on design and furniture making.

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