Maxim Integrated Corporate Office by Zyeta Interiors, Bangalore – India

October 20th, 2015 by retail design blog

Maxim Integrated is an American, publicly traded company that designs, manufactures, and sells analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. The Brief was to create a unique space with more privacy still collaborative types for 250 seats along with five Individual Labs with Different features. Another interesting yet challenging input was to achieve Green standards, and the project finally got approval from Platinum Rated project from USGBC. Maxim Integrated is proud to have their first USGBC certified Corporate office in Bangalore.

Design inspired from the Process of Manufacturing the silicon wafers. As a basic process, Silicon is purified in multiple steps will have a bright vibrant colors during the process and finally reaches semiconductor manufacturing quality which is called Electronic Grade Silicon.

Vibrant colour Cubes represent the Ion implementation process. The exposed areas of the carpet are bombarded with various accent colour carpets.

Breakout spaces have been provided between workstation for impromptu meetings along with Circular pattern partitions, which also represent wafers along with Green Urban Retreat Carpet which combines sharp and blurred to let imagination run wild.

Natural plants and recycled materials are introduced all throughout which induces a nature’s tinge at the working environment and also relishes the professional image.

Key features:
1. USGBC platinum Rated Leed certified project.
2. Natural Lighting system been provided using optic fiber cables.
3. 27 oz carpet has been used for the better acoustic along with the 6.5 lb Good pad underneath.
4. All Equipment’s are connected to Daylight and Occupancy sensors to optimize the energy

Design: Zyeta Interiors Pvt. Ltd / Amit Prakash, Rakshith Kumar, ‎Anil Bhardwaj, Krishna
Photography: Mani Iyer

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