Coffee Jobs by Will Design, Hong Kong – China

October 21st, 2015 by retail design blog

A new café brand – Coffee Jobs, which is located on the ground floor of a Paradise Square at Kwong Wa Street in Mongkok, Hong Kong. Usable floor area approx. 40 square meter. In order to attract the younger target customer, designer Tommy Lai created a space which contains a sense of modernity with a relaxing atmosphere, makes this corner quietly standing out in the busy districts. Most area of this cafe is surrounding by glass panels, every passerby can see the inside easily and this condition which makes the interior L-shaped wall becomes a main role and connection between passerby and interior space. Thus, Tommy designed a unique installation which combines various objects including kitchen tools, geometric-shaped panels, pictures, wall lamp and 3D water drop logo, attempted to create the strong eye-catching effect and character for the café.

Design: Will Design / Tommy Lai

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