Ceramic Installation by Giles Miller Studio at Le Lido Cabaret Club, Paris – France

October 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

Giles Miller Studio is delighted to share it’s most opulent and extravagant project to date… a 30m long ceramic installation on the Champs Elysees for the world famous cabaret club, Le Lido in Paris.

Being commissioned by this iconic Parisian venue to add a signature piece to their new fit out is a true honor for a non­french creative studio, and the result is an application of GMS’s ceramic hexagonal tile that shows the concept in its best and truest form. Combining geometric gradients with bold graphics the high gloss golden tile is angled facing in different directions so that the pattern work is shown purely through the light and movement surrounding the wall.

Visitors to the club have long pose in front of their entrance for photographs that tick a box in the list of to­do’s for the Parisian tourist, and the new wall creates a truly striking backdrop for visitors to remember the club and all the showy glitz and glamour that go with it.

As is always the case with the studio’s work, the tiles were painstakingly assembled by hand in their studio space in Hoxton, East London where teams of artists and creatives come together to assemble each individual piece to create this large­scale composition and generate the imagery within the surface.

Design: Giles Miller Studio
Photography: Petr Krejci

About Giles Miller Studio
Giles Miller Studio specialise in the development of innovative material, surface and sculptural design projects and artistic installations. The studio has been operating for five years this summer, since the founder Giles Miller graduated from London’s Royal College of Art. In that time they have worked with a number of the world’s most notable luxury brands (including Omega, British Airways, Bombay Sapphire, Stella McCartney, Selfridges, COMO Hotels, the V&A and Harrods).

Giles Miller Studio consistently looks to maintain a progressive creative output of the utmost quality and originality, and since their first specific surfaces show in 2010 they have become a world leader in this ever­growing field of surface design.

Le Lido Paris, by Giles Miller Studio from Giles Miller Studio on Vimeo.

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