RJR Chair by Mario Alessiani

October 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

The project comes within the cooperation with the web platform Slow/d (www.slowd.it/en), which is a community where designers, artisans, big companies, associations and institutions can meet to create new products together, helping them to find new markets. Slow/d wants a revolution based on a “peer to peer“ system of production focused on final customers, territory and its craftsmen know-how. The energy is optimized to the minimum to manage logistics of transport and shipping , with a real reduction in distribution costs. The idea is to create a design object which is reproducible by the most different craft companies spread throughout Italy, in a sort of chain sustainable for humans and the environment. Basically you can buy from the website and the closest craftsman to you produces the design piece in Slow/d catalogue.

Mario Alessiani has designed a wooden chair with a line that can be hypothetically build by any carpenter. That is why the essential simplicity of the lines, auctions and plans, related to the use of traditional woodworking tools but with something more: a twist , obtained with the rotation of the slightly reclining backrest. Thought at any time of its use, RJR creates a geometric pattern when stacked.

The chair currently furnishes the exhibition spaces of the Pavilion of Civil Society at Milan Expo 2015.
In the near future a RJR open source version will be avaible on the website.

Design: Mario Alessiani

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One thought on “RJR Chair by Mario Alessiani

  1. Previously this types of chairs make in iron frame and plastics threads are stitches around frame. This is a unique chair which is make in the plywood and its useful in public meeting and Exhibition. after the completion of the any program we can put one by one on chairs its consume the area to put in factory

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