Ziylan General Management Office by CBTE Architecture, Istanbul – Turkey

October 30th, 2015 by retail design blog

Ziylan’s office which the interiors were renewed by CBTE Architecture fictionalized by the impressive expression of colors and has a specific appearance, motivating and supporting its users to spend quality time.

The interiors designed by CBTE Architecture for the biggest shoe retailer Ziylan Merchandising and Marketing general management office are appropriate to current trends, presenting spacious and functional working environment fictionalizing with the guidance of colors. CBTE Architecture which planned the place in order to form qualified office areas and make the place appropriate for open office system and developed integrated approaches giving opportunity for group work.

CBTE Architecture determined that active and dynamic infrastructure of Ziyan as well as its success are grounded by working habits, in the designed office, it is aimed to use this dynamism as a mobile circulation tool and integrate it to the place appropriate to corporate identity together with lively and bright colors.
In the working areas designed by CBTE Architecture taking open office setup as a basis, working cells were setup as not obstructing the interaction of different categories as well as providing partly autonomy. These cells are designed as units, where office users can produce and discuss ideas with high motivation during processes such as product design and examination and at the same time formed an alternative effect which breaks the universal office perception.

In Ziylan General Management Office where all design departments were fictionalized together, one of the important aspect effecting the organization of the place was their storage type. In the working units where hundreds of shoes were examined, developed and having a quite fast circulation, aesthetic solutions were developed by CBTE Architecture, as an alternative to close store system, sliding gate colorful cupboards designed both for keeping the shoes open and providing a quality exhibition, aimed to direct the perception towards the intensity inside to itself and differentiate the place. With the colors in the carpets used at office, the visual connection and functional perception between the cells of design units and store units were provided.

Architect Çağdaş Belen and Master Architect Tanem Eren Belen commented for renewed office of Ziylan General Management like this, “To re fictionalize the general management office of a firm such as Ziylan, having an energetic identity and various product content with colors, both supported the corporate identity of Ziylan and enriching the life quality and carry the working place to a different point.”

Design: CBTE Architecture / Tanem Eren Belen / Çağdaş Belen / Serap Coşkun
Photography: Murat Aksu

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